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Divorce Coaching from beginning to "new beginnings"~ 

I believe it is possible to significantly reduce the stress, financial hardship and trauma of divorce by having the right support people on your team.   

Divorce Coaching



Getting divorced is an overwhelming process wrought with intense emotions, financial uncertainties and broken hopes and dreams.  What most people don't realize is there are many options available to accomplish your divorce and move forward to a place of peace, satisfaction and hopefulness again.  My goal is to guide and support you throughout the process so you not only have a successful divorce, but you walk away with A Life You Love.



 As part of the coaching process, we will talk through your options, figure out what resources you need and connect you with my elite referral network of the top in their field-attorneys, mediators, financial planners, forensic accountants, custody evaluators etc... 

I will help you create an equitable and effective parenting plan, where your children come first.  I will guide you in successfully navigating the legal arena and help  you develop effective negotiation skills.



Once you have a divorce plan you are happy with and all the necessary supports we will begin to create your post-divorce plan.  Life after divorce can seem frightening.  We will help you set new goals, engage in new relationships, start a new career and  truly maximize this new and exciting chapter of your life.  Our #1 goal is for you to live A Life You Love!!

Collaborative Divorce

You didn’t set out to get divorce, but here you are…


If your goal is to uncouple as amicably as possible with your children’s best interest at hand I recommend collaborative divorce. Collaborative divorce is said to be more efficient, more affordable, more comfortable, and more equitable than is traditional divorce. The divorcing spouses and their attorneys meet in four-way, face-to-face meetings where they discuss and attempt to agree on the timing and manner of their marriage dissolution. Parties commit to sharing information freely and openly instead of using the expensive, and sometimes lengthy, discovery process.  Specialist such as financial planners, mental health counselors, and forensic accountants serve as members of your team when needed, to ensure the best possible outcomes. Once spouses reach agreement on settlement terms, the spouses and their attorneys draw up a contract and bring it before a family court judge who finalizes the divorce in an uncontested procedure. This process encourages communication, negotiation and equitable settlement. It reduces both costs and conflict and foster healthy interactions between the couple that is hopefully carried forward after the divorce is final.



Your children must come first

 Divorce is hard on everyone, but it’s especially hard on children. Children of divorced parents often get caught in the drama of adult conflict and triangulation, while their emotional needs may be put on the “back burner”.  This can result in trauma, behavioral problems, poor performance in school, eating disorders, drug abuse and more.  It is important for your child/children to know that although their parents have divorced they still have their two-parent family, even if that family occupies two households instead of one.  Co-parenting coaching is designed to look forward rather than dwelling on events of the past, or blaming either party for the failed marriage.  The goal is to help both parties peacefully co-exist in a way where they can address issues concerning their children without having to spend endless time, money, and negative energies on unnecessary battles and repeated trips back to court.  

 Co-parenting coaching can help you learn how to communicate more effectively,  set individual and joint boundaries,  create a new sense of security and stability,  and work to establish a post-divorce family that is not characterized by conflict.   Co-parenting coaching will help you develop the skills and tools to make sure that your children feel loved, heard, and cared for during this difficult time. 


A New You

Rediscovering You

Dating and Falling in Love Again

Dating and Falling in Love Again


After years in a relationship, raising children, self-sacrificing for the family, you may feel like you don't even know who you are any more.  We will help you rediscover your strengths, interests and passions.

Dating and Falling in Love Again

Dating and Falling in Love Again

Dating and Falling in Love Again


Meeting someone new, navigating the dating scene and putting yourself back "out there" can seem frightening and overwhelming.  We work with you to ensure you are emotionally ready to embark on this next chapter.  No one wants to repeat old habits or carry past hurts and resentments into a new relationship.

Creating New Connections

Dating and Falling in Love Again

How to Navigate a New Significant Other


One of the most challenging things about life after divorce is finding people to socialize with.  Often your friends are still married or have taken a side in your divorce, leaving you feeling alone and isolated.  We help you get out there, meet like-minded people and enjoy this new chapter of your life.

How to Navigate a New Significant Other

How to Navigate a New Significant Other

How to Navigate a New Significant Other


Eventually one or the both of you are likely going to meet someone.  Figuring out when and how to introduce your new partner to your children, your ex and your family can be very challenging.  We help you navigate these transitions in a mutually respectful fashion with your children's needs at the forefront.

All About the "Benjamins" $$$

How to Navigate a New Significant Other

All About the "Benjamins" $$$


Many people are terrified to get divorced because of the financial ramifications.  How do you live on your new budget and still be happy?  We work to assist you in developing a sound financial mindset that will transcend a sense of comfort and security to your children as well.  Finding a new place to call home; furnishing and decorating your new space; navigating holidays, birthdays and gifts.  Where there is a will there is always a way.

How Do I Go Back To Work Now?

How to Navigate a New Significant Other

All About the "Benjamins" $$$


Many stay at home parents struggle with the prospect of returning to the work place.  Do I still have marketable skills, is a common worry.  Our executive coaches help you assess your career interest and options, while further developing your skills.

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