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We have so much to do so let's get started!  

You have an incredible life waiting for you to enjoy.  Whether you are stuck in your relationship(s), your job, your finances, your health or your spirituality,  I am here to help.

What is life coaching?

By helping you see your life from a different perspective and giving you the confidence and tools to move forward,  together we can create "A Life You Love". The aim of life coaching is to help people break their negative belief patterns, act more decisively, and set clear goals towards achieving what they want from life.   You will need to be open to new ideas and different ways of doing things.  You will need to be committed to the process. This is why most coaching engagements are set up as packages rather than individual sessions.  It offers you the most inclusive and flexible dollar value while ensuring your commitment to yourself and your future success.


How Does Coaching Work

Pick a Package

Decide what financial & time commitment you are willing to do.  Consider what you hope to achieve through the coaching process when deciding on your time commitment.

Select your environment

Sessions can be scheduled live,  face to face in my offices, through video conferencing, by phone and by email.  Most packages include a combination of sessions to ensure your best achievement.

Initial Session

Our first session together will consist of me asking you lots of questions to get a sense of whether coaching is the best option for you.  We will also discuss your hopes and goals,  as well as things that are limiting, or blocking you from getting to where you want to be.

Create Your Plan

Over the next few sessions we begin creating your plan, implementing strategies, giving you tools and techniques and challenging negative thought patterns and limiting behaviors.

Do the Work

You will be expected to be an active participant in the coaching process.  You will have homework assignments and be asked to try new and sometimes uncomfortable things.  Your coaching success is determined by your commitment and willingness to do the work.

Live "A Life You Love"

At the end of our sessions you will have a new mindset, positive life perspective and hopefully will have achieved any, or many, of the following: 

  • Greater financial security
  • A better work & life balance
  • Elimination of long-held fears and anxieties
  • Stronger relationships with friends and family
  • Improved communication skills
  • A more satisfying work life
  • Enhanced creativity

Coaching V. Therapy

Life Coaching is NOT a Substitute for Mental Health Counseling

 Although there may be some overlap in the benefits of working with a life coach and undergoing therapy, each of these professionals has a very distinct role and serves a unique purpose.   While working with a life coach may help you to deal with certain unresolved issues, life coaches do not treat mood disorders, anxiety disorders, addiction, or any other mental health condition. A life coach should NEVER be considered as a substitute for a mental health professional. 

As a Licensed Professional Counselor I have the training and expertise to assess, diagnosis and treat mental health issues, however, I do NOT do so in coaching sessions.  If we determine that there are mental health related issues contributing to your situation I will refer you to an appropriate mental health professional.  It is possible, in many circumstances, to work with both your mental health professional and me, thereby continuing your coaching goals and process.  We would need to work collaboratively to ensure your ultimate mental wellness.


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