Your children must come first

 Divorce is hard on everyone, but it’s especially hard on children. Children of divorced parents often get caught in the drama of adult conflict and triangulation, while their emotional needs may be put on the “back burner”.  This can result in trauma, behavioral problems, poor performance in school, eating disorders, drug abuse and more.  It is important for your child/children to know that although their parents have divorced they still have their two-parent family, even if that family occupies two households instead of one.  Co-parenting coaching is designed to look forward rather than dwelling on events of the past, or blaming either party for the failed marriage.  The goal is to help both parties peacefully co-exist in a way where they can address issues concerning their children without having to spend endless time, money, and negative energies on unnecessary battles and repeated trips back to court.  

 Co-parenting coaching can help you learn how to communicate more effectively,  set individual and joint boundaries,  create a new sense of security and stability,  and work to establish a post-divorce family that is not characterized by conflict.   Co-parenting coaching will help you develop the skills and tools to make sure that your children feel loved, heard, and cared for during this difficult time.